Are You Hocking TeeSpring Shirts Like a Sidewalk Vendor... Or Are You a Tee Baller?

“$2,293.35 In 5 Days With My FIRST Teespring Campaign - Everything I Learned”

And exactly how you can model me

$3,294.04 Earned - $1,000.69 Spent =
$2,293.35 Profit in 5 Days!
My very first shirt on TeeSpring was a grand slam home run.In just 5 days, I earned $2,294 dollars. I did it with about 3 hours work.And I did it with...
  • No Website
  • No Fans
  • No Product
  • No List
  • No JV Partners
  • No Webinar
  • No coaching or consulting
  • No face to face or telephone sales

This is the greatest money-making opportunity available to Internet marketers today.

Nothing can make you big money easier or faster when starting from ground zero.

From: Bruce Wedding AKA Copywriting Maniac
Where: The Woodlands, TX

Dear Warrior,

TeeSpring is the answer you've been looking for. Period.

I don't blame you for being skeptical. You've probably bought a lot of stuff here and been disappointed. You were disappointed because it doesn't take long to find something wrong with the product, right?

You find out it's a lot of work because you have to buy domains, install WordPress, create products, get graphics, write content or who knows what else.

Or you discover it only works if you have an email list or good JV partners. Or you have a buy something else, invest in tools or products. Whatever. You know how it goes.

Screw that!

I've been a Warrior since April 2006. I've seen hundreds of products that CLAIMED to do what this system does. But none of them ever gave you a viable system to print cash like this one.

If you want simple... If you want something that has the potential to make six-figure income NEXT week, you're looking at it

And there's more...

This system has true 7-figure potential. 

You probably think I'm full of it. But it is already being done. As you read this, there are guys out there making $100,000 per MONTH with this system.

How easy is it?

Well, here's how easy it was for me.

I watched a free video about TeeSpring by Donald Wilson. Then I challenged myself...

"Don't go to bed until you finish one t-shirt campaign."

It was about 3-4 hours work, start to finish. I went to be about 2am. When I woke up, I rushed to check my sales.

My little test had earned me $80 while I slept.

So I stepped it up a notch. And I made more money. So I stepped it up again.

When the final bell rang...
I put $2,294 in my pocket the week before Christmas.

But honestly, that wasn't the coolest part...

The cool part is making money while I was going about my normal life. I was Christmas shopping, going out to dinner, watching football. And the entire time I was making money.

I actually sold 9 hoodies in 2-3 hours while I was Christmas shopping. 

While at the mall, I bought my girlfriend a $150 Michael Kors wallet. Afterwards, I walked to the food court and checked my phone.

I had MADE $185 while I was buying the wallet. When I saw that, I actually laughed out loud.

I was making MORE than I was spending...While freaking Christmas shopping!

You've got to experience this amazing feeling.

And you will, today if you want to. It can be that quick. You can make money just a few hours from now.

But before you try it, you should know this.

I put this report and case study together for one reason...

I made a lot of mistakes

I've got 8 years of copywriting and marketing experience. I've written copy for some of the guru marketers. I've made a lot of money online over the years.

And I still made mistakes on my first campaign. 

I made mistakes that cost me a lot of profit. Yes, I could have actually made more if I'd known then, what I'm sharing with you now.

I'm here to point you in the right direction.

Because if you don't have that experience, you may be disappointed. There are a lot of subtle things that are not in the free video. The devil, and the money, are in the details.

Look, I see many marketers struggling with this.

And when they ask for help, it is always obvious to me what the problem is. I saw a guy today say he's had 8 failed campaigns. I'll tell you something, if you have that many failures, you just don't get it.

 And that's what this report does... It fills in the knowledge gaps

Early in my campaign I was sweating bullets. I was about to pull the plug on the whole deal. And I would have lost about $400 if I had. But what I figured out calmed me enough to convince me to stick it out. And I'm glad I did.

You learn best by doing, right? I received one hell of an education on the way to a $2,300 profit. And I'm going to share it all with you.

Here's what you get:

A 14-minute Video Case Study - I walk you through my entire $2,300 campaign from concept, to creation, to advertising and results.

You'll see:

  • Exactly how I discovered my winning idea
  • How I put it all together
  • The exact ad copy I used
  • All the critical psychological parts of my ad copy that made it work so well
  • How I targeted my audience
  • And my actual ad results and spend, including my mistakes

Next you get..

My 12 page report - "What I learned on the way to $2,393 in 5 Days With My First TeeSpring Campaign"

This is 12 pages of pure content, no fluff.ringspiralbinder

Here's what is inside:

  • The #1 Rule - The single most important rule you MUST follow if you want to have a winner right out of the gate. Break this and you're toast. (Page 4)
  • Spy on Your Competitors - The 4 sites you can visit to spy on your competition and swipe their winning campaigns. I've never seen ANYONE mention the last 2, including the Teespring gurus. (Page 5)
  • The Passion Peak - You can have a winner without understanding the Passion Peak, but you'll never sell 1,000 shirts if you don't. It's the key to massive success. (Page 6)
  • The Coin Toss - This is so counter-intuitive, it is almost funny when you get it. Everyone out there is leaving HALF the money on the table. Understand this principal and double your money on every major trend. (Page 6)
  • The 3 Reasons People Buy Custom T-Shirts - There is money in every one of these reasons. And most TeeSpringers are only targeting reason #3. This opens an opportunity gap so big you can pull sacks of money through the other 2 reasons. (Page 5-6)
  • The 4 Point Trend Crusher - Trends make fortunes and lay other marketers to waste. The key to crushing it with trends lies in these 4 questions. The answer better be yes before you spend one cent on a trend-based T-shirt. (Page 7)
  • 7 Shirt Design Tips - Understand this, because so many people don't: Design Matters. I give you 7 expert design tips for your T-shirt. You will produce professional, color-coordinated shirts that will sell like hot cakes and print at the highest quality. (Page 8)

Next we get into my “Lessons Learned”

This is where I reveal the mistakes I made.

And I made plenty. They cost me money and I'll never make them again. But what is important is, you will never make them. You get to learn from MY mistakes.

I also talk about your advertising budget, how to do this at a VERY low risk and much more.

Here's the breakdown of what you'll learn in this chapter:

  • The Passion Peak - You can have a winner without understanding the Passion Peak, but you'll never sell 1,000 shirts if you don't. It's the key to massive success. (Page 6)
  • The Perfect Number - I lost sleep. I was as nervous as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs simply because I didn't know the perfect number and it nearly cost me $500. This one tip will make it crystal clear for you and let you run campaigns worry free. (Page 11)
  • Tee or Hoodie? Decisions, Decisions - I think there's only one answer for a first time campaign and it's probably not the one you think it is. I reveal why it is the only way to go on page 11.
  • The Back Slapper - Guys making $100,000/mo still don't get this simple little trick to increase conversions and add massive value to every shirt you sell. But you'll know it after you read page 11.
  • The 2 Insider Secrets You'd Never Know - One of these secrets will multiply your sales instantly and the other will save your ass from big losses. The second secret is worth 10X the price of this book and I would have killed to know it early in my campaign. If you don't know these secrets, you'll never find out about them anywhere else. (Page 11)

Copywriting Nuggets

As I said before, I'm an expert copywriter. I've made my living understanding why and when people buy. My copy has sold millions of dollars of products.

In this section, I give you the keys to the kingdom. I delve deep into t-shirt buying psychology (don't laugh, this stuff will make you thousands).

Here's what I reveal...

Laser Targeting - You should know, there are a lot of people out there selling t-shirts right now. And if you aren't at the top of your game, you're going to get your clock cleaned and your wallet emptied. On page 10, I talk about how to laser target micro niches for profit.

You'll learn how to get clear of the bloody shark infested waters and get into the deep blue water where the fishing is great and the profits are all yours.

Passion Peaks - There is a right time and a wrong time to sell most shirts. And I see people get this wrong, day after day. You've got to understand the passion peaks. And once you do, you have to look for them.

Passion Peaks are the key to massive sales

I just saw one guy that hit a passion peak perfectly. And in 7 days, he sold more than 4,000 t-shirts. His profit was more than $30,000 in 7 days. He played it perfectly.

But you know what was sad.

I watched dozens of other marketers try to follow in his footsteps. And they all got slaughtered. 

They didn't understand the Passion Peak. And they threw time and money down the drain, all the while scratching their heads and wondering why it worked for the other guy.

This will never happen to you because you'll recognize and profit from each one.

Ok, let's talk about you for a minute..

Is This Right For You?

Honestly, it isn't for everyone.

While I think it is the greatest opportunity I've ever seen for beginners to go from zero to a six or seven figure income, not everyone can do it.

You need to have 3 simple abilities for this to work for you:

  • Courage - You must have the courage and strength to spend the advertising dollars necessary to make money. But I don't want to scare you. Using the chart I provide on page 9, you'll never risk losing more than $30. Can you handle risking $30 in order to potentially earn thousands?
  • Money - You will need a very small amount of money. It takes money to make money. The good news is, if you can scrounge up $200 in cash or credit, you can get a good start.
    And if you can't, check out my "Friends and Family Method" on page 8.
  • Time - This one sucks, but I'm being honest with you. TeeSpring pays you AFTER they ship the shirts. This means you'll typically have to wait about 2 weeks after your sale ends to get your money. The good news is, they deposit to Paypal so it's quicker than a check.

Everything else, you already have or can easily get. If you can say yes to those 3 reasons, then there is not one good reason why you shouldn't jump in with both feet. There is not a better, easier opportunity.

And it's fun as hell.

Let's Wrap It Up

You're getting my information-packed report filled with tips and tricks that will save you hundreds of dollars on your campaigns.

The information will allow you to skip the learning phase and jump out of the gate like a professional TeeSpring marketer. It almost guarantees your first shirt will be a success, just like mine was.

And let me remind you, I didn't know any of this stuff when I started and I still made $2,300 in 5 days.

There's gold in them thar' shirts. It's time to stake your claim.

And you get more than my report.

You get to see my entire campaign, my design and my ad creative. I have never revealed any of this before. I've filmed a 13 minute video showing you exactly how I researched my design, my exact ad and who I targeted with my ads.

In a nutshell, you'll stand in my office and look over my shoulder as I show you a $2,300 winning campaign. And then I'll share every single thing I learned in the report. Until now, I have only shared this information with my family.

So, How Much, Bruce?

I'm a copywriter.

This is the part where I tell you how much more valuable this information is than what I'm asking. And guess what? I'm going to do it again because it is completely true. This information IS worth a fortune to anyone that applies it.

It will save you hundreds of dollars in mistakes. 

But more importantly, it will give you the edge to succeed. Because, here's what happens to so many marketers. They try something once and fail. And that one failure destroys all their enthusiasm and momentum.

Because you have this advantage, you will avoid all the first time mistakes. 

And with that success comes an incredible feeling of power and confidence. I now know, no matter what happens, I'll never starve. I'll never be homeless. I'll never have trouble paying my bills.

I can generate $2,000 a week. Over and over again. Easily!

Do you see how powerful that is? Imagine a life with that kind of skill. You're one click and $17 away from being there.

Yes, just $17 buys you financial freedom. It seems ridiculous, right?

Why would I do this?

Why not? There is plenty of room out there. I practice what I preach. I will do exactly what I recommend you do in this book. And I will make all the money I ever need.

“$2,293.35 In 5 Days With My FIRST Teespring Campaign - Everything I Learned

Won't you join me?

Bruce Wedding
AKA The Copywriting Maniac

PS: This is your single best opportunity for a six-figure business starting from nothing; no website; no email list; nothing.
I made $2,300 in 5 days the first time I used it.